Saturday, December 1, 2012


YAHOO!!! We made it to Disneyland! Brad's favorite ride Grizzly River Rapids
is behind us. 

The whole family!! (except Angie because she is pregnant and couldn't come and mom because she is taking the picture.) The rocks behind us is the new Cars Ride. It was SOOOO fun!! Brad thought something was wrong with me during that ride because I couldn't stop laughing because it was so fun!! Should pregnant woman ride the Cars ride....No, but man was it worth it! :)
 King of the churros! Dad LOVES his churros! And we love him!
It's churro time for everyone. YUMMMMM!!!

Merry Christmas! Disneyland had all their Christmas Decorations up and they had their Christmas firework show every night, WELL every night that the weather cooperated. 
Whew!! Grandpa was exhausted!! Good idea, Turn on a TV show for the kids and zonk out! Notice his nice robe! Our room was the Presidential Suite and it was like a palace so the robe is very fitting!! The Suite was definitely bigger then my house! :)

SEA WORLD!! Training these HUGE animals to do what they do it UNBELIEVABLE!
Grandpa holding Kyden and Hailey's hands! They LOVE their grandpa!

Sunday! We all went to church and then came back and made a nice lunch in our palace. :) It is always nice to go to church on vacation. I always complain at first and then I am always so happy I went!

YAY!! Happy little Hailey kept us smiling! She is so animated. We had a GREAT time in Disneyland! Thanks to my dad and mom we were able to go! They are the BEST!!! :)

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