Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday Brad!!

We had a fun filled birthday weekend! Brad turned 30 on March 2!! I used to think 30 sounded old but not anymore!! 30 is YOUNG!! ;) We got to celebrate Brad's birthday with his family Saturday! What a fun time! Then I surprised Brad March 2nd by getting my cousins wife to babysit so we could go on a date and actually relax! It was fun but kind of weird to not have Sean to chase after. After dinner we went back to my cousins to pick Sean up and all my cousins were there for a surprise Birthday party! YAY!! We had a fun time! I'm grateful we could celebrate the most amazing man in my life's birthday!! I feel blessed everyday that I get to call Brad my husband! He's an amazing husband and father! We are blessed and we love him!!!

Sean Loves his Nana! She is the only person who will feed Sean candy for dinner. Sean was WIRED after eating sugar for dinner. 

Sean was SOOOO excited for Dad's birthday boons (Balloons)! 

Sean was a big helper making dad's birthday cake. He LOVED licking the whipped cream lid!

Happy Birthday Brad!!

 I love this picture! He looks so guilty!
 Sean started smiling really big RIGHT when we stopped taking pictures. He cooperates really good when we take pics!

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