Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grocery Shopping!

Sean LOVES grocery shopping but that doesn't mean he LOVES cooperating while grocery shopping. Haha! We try to get the car shopping cart because if we don't get the car shopping cart then Sean chases the people around who have the car shopping cart and that usually ends with me struggling to hold a kicking and screaming toddler. I'm sure it's a funny sight for others but it sure is an unpleasant  workout for me! :) Today we were not so lucky to get the car shopping cart so we tried the mini shopping cart! Sean was pretty proud to be pushing his own shopping cart! He was a BIG helper when it came to shopping! He loaded the cart up with gummy candies. I thought it was funny that both things he put in the cart were gummy candies. He is his dad's son because his dad loves gummy candies too.  

 Today Sean and I took the railing off the one side of his crib. He was SOOOO excited to have a "new" bed! Let's hope this makes bedtime a more pleasant experience.  

Don't mind all the diapers stashed under the bed....

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